I took a teacher personality test a while ago. The test was neither serious or scientific based on the questions it asked, but I found the six possible teaching personalities to be interesting to look into. After finishing the test, my answer came back as “fair and balanced” which suited me well because that is how I see myself. I’d like to be the popular teacher, but I can think of a few reasons why I wouldn’t be.

When it comes to my students, fair and balanced is something I try to work into everything I do. I try and balance fun with seriousness in class, I give a fair amount of homework and I do my best to treat every student fairly and equally. I try not to lose my temper when something happens and I find fair rewards for good behavior and fair punishments for bad behavior. It is not easy, and I am quite proud of most of my classes and how they respond to me, because I feel the way I treat them set’s the example for how they treat me back. My students are also balanced. They know I’ll allow them to have fun but they also know that when I say sit down, that it’s time to work and focus.

My friend Paul, described this very well when he said it was about the students knowing when you are their teacher, and when you are their friend. And understanding that sometimes, both apply at the same time, but not always.

The test that I took, describes 6 teaching personas. Each of them uniquely different but while the persona descriptions are interesting, the questions that were used to get to the conclusion were most definitely not. Which, I guess, also means I should take the test less seriously. But even so, what kind of teacher are you?


The test I took here describes the following:

The Popular Teacher
Kids love you. Other teachers want to be you. Students get each year’s new schedule hoping your name is on it. You are someone who really knows how to get along with the kids. You are funny and cool in a non-geeky way. Congratulations!

Fair and Balanced
You are a teacher who students can really depend on to be fair. You are consistent and balanced in your approach. You rarely raise your voice and you almost always treat every student the same. No favortism in your room. Wonderful!

Strict Disciplinarian
You love the sound of silence. You pride yourself on keeping order in your world – your room. If students speak out of turn or pass notes or worse, you are right on it. While students don’t necessarily consider you their best friend, learning does take place in your room.

More coach than teacher
You love coaching. Teaching is just something you do in order to allow you to coach. Not that you have anything against education and teaching, you just wish you were out on the fields, playing some ball.

Walking Carpet
You are always being walked over by your students. Your room often seems like a party. Unfortunately, you do not usually have control. Very little learning occurs and when it does you really feel like you’ve accomplished something. You don’t know how to say no and kids know it. Your reputation precedes you from year to year. Kids either love your class or hate it depending on their goals.

Ditto Master (Worksheet Master)
You are someone who really enjoys giving and grading ‘dittos’ or worksheets. While some students might call it busy work, you think that worksheets are an excellent way to keep students occupied while helping them learn about the content that was covered through lecture and/or reading. Be careful, however, that you do not just rely on book-created worksheets. Also, make sure that you speak every once in awhile so the students know you are still there.