During my recent visit to my home country, Denmark, I went with my parents to visit a Viking museum in the old town of Ribe, possibly the oldest city in Denmark. Situated roughly 70 kilometers south of where my parents live and with the Viking museum and the cathedral closing for the public at around 5 pm in the afternoon, we decided to leave our house early on a Thursday morning and drive straight to the museum, and then from there, on to the cathedral and the rest of the city of Ribe.

I didn’t have too high expectations for the Viking museum to be honest, I have been to museums in Denmark before and I always found them to be quite boring. But, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this place was actually very well done. It all felt very authentic, people were dressed accordingly, no watches or fancy boots. Houses were full of people so they were not just empty shells with papers and photos. And they were in character. You could see them bossing each other around, telling the young ones to finish their chores as they worked in the fields or take care of the cows standing out side of their houses.

It was all very impressive and the more I look at the photos I took from there, the more I am glad we went to see it. Vikings are something very inherently Scandinavian and the Danish viking empire, or kingdom was actually quite large at its best. The Danish viking King Harold Bluetooth unified Denmark around 980 AD and the current Danish Queen is a direct descendant of Bluetooth meaning that Denmark is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world and our Royal Family has the longest documented bloodline. At the height of the Viking age, had visited Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. To the east, we had stretched to Finland and parts of the old Russian or Ottoman empire as well. We were quite a big deal, we even conquered parts of England at some point.

In one of the viking houses at the museum, I took this one photo. A photo that is already one of my favorite photos and I wanted to share it with you. I took it, after the other visitors had left the house, it was just myself, my dad and an actual viking, or well, at least someone who goes to the museum voluntarily as a kind of holiday, to act as they did in those times. The house was quiet and there was no one else around to walk into my shot. I only had my camera, I didn’t bring my tripod and I saw this lamp on the table amidst these beautiful beams of light coming from the holes in the walls. I loved that house so much, I went back inside three times while we were there to photograph it, and this, this is the prized image I took from there.

Because my camera was hand-held, all I used as support was a wooden table inside of the house itself to keep the camera steady. I regret not bringing my tripod and doing a HDR photo, but I am quite pleased with the outcome of this photo. I tried to put the lamp in the bottom left corner by using the rule of thirds and then I did a bit of editing in Lightroom adjusting the aspect ratio to 16:9 and did some colour correction but that is all.