When I started taking pictures back in 2009, it was never with a vision to become a professional photographer or even move beyond photography as being a hobby. I had spent several years trying to find something that I could get good at, and since I wasn’t strong at playing sports and computer games do not really count as a hobby (according to my parents 😉 ) I finally felt something new when I picked up a camera and played with it.

In the beginning, I was using my fathers old Kodak Digital Camera. It was 3 Megapixels of goodness in my hands and I remember bringing that camera with me when I went to Australia for 5 months during Highschool. I had it with me everywhere, photographed everything and from there, my interest really started to spark. I bought my first dSLR camera, a Canon EOS 1000D back in 2009 and after getting to know how to use it, I went on my first little “photo trip” in Aalborg, the city I lived in, in Denmark at the time.

I had taken many photos with my camera, but this was my first trip outside actually “pretending” to be a photographer. You know, looking at everytthing, thinking about what i wanted to photograph and how I wanted it to look. I walked around in a nearby park and forest for almost 3 hours when, finally, I came across this leaf hiding in a metal beam. I sat down, pulled out my camera and I took 5 or 6 shots at the leaf, looked through them on my camera and I found this shot:

I had taken many pictures before this one, but this picture was the first one that I actually thought was good, myself. It was taken on my first little trip outside and in 2010 it also become the first of my photos to ever get published in a photo collection book that was put together by someone else than myself.

This photo marked the beginning of what has since become a love for taking pictures. I might not do it as much as I would like to, but when I do it, I feel free and I feel like I am doing something worth while. I look forward to having more pictures like this, that spark my interest and keeps me going