I wrote in an earlier post on my blog about how living in China for the past 5½ years has made me more aware of the Chinese holidays than the ones I used to celebrate back in Denmark. Because my holidays are now aligned with the Chinese festivals, I usually do not have any days off for Christmas, Easter or any of the western traditional holidays and as such, they start to lose their meaning. Not just because I don’t get to stay at home and do nothing, but because you also do not see or experience the holidays here. There are no Christmas decorations, no fireworks for New Year’s Eve, no Easter eggs. But now I eat moon cakes for Mid-Autumn festival, I pay respect to my lost relatives on Sweeping Tomb’s day, I celebrate the Chinese New Year with good food and good company and have started to study and learn about the origins of the Chinese festivals more and more.

Today is Tuesday, for most training schools either yesterday or today is the first day back to work. Tuesday is my day off but since starting my new job at New Oriental I have a completely new-found energy for doing my job. So much so that I am heading in to work on my day off, an hour earlier than I’d normally have to be there. There is so much I want to get done, so many things I want to get started and my New Year has just begun, the year of the Monkey has just arrived and I want to make this, my best year yet.

My main concern over the next month or so, is the Foreign teachers that I am hiring for our team at POP Kids and most of my work is related in one way or another. Recruitment material, contract revisions, training material and welcome information. I am also adding to the teaching materials that the Foreign teachers are using and I am working on a couple of other projects designed to be work between the departments, not just my own.

This year is going to be great. My parents are coming to visit me in Chongqing, I have a trip to Europe under works for the summer holiday, maybe some volunteer teaching in the rural areas of China. Let’s go!

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