I never cared much for Starbucks before. I liked cafes when I was back in Aalborg because they are always nicely decorated, the food is usually really good but the prices also follow suit. I loved the places but could rarely afford going there.

My colleague Paul had me come to Starbucks a few times here in Chongqing and it is definitely growing on me. Coffee here is pricey but it is also good, and you’re also paying for the service and the surroundings. Even better, you can kind of get away from all the “country-side” people and sit among people who don’t spit and honk snotballs.

It is a nice place, comfortable seats, and it’s nice and warm which I enjoy even more. Paul used to run a Starbucks back in the states and even though we’re in China, I think this place kind of makes him feel at home.

It has become a hang out spot for our little trio. Paul, Vince and I will come here, have a coffee, talk and plan our trip to Thailand or our future endeavors and the surroundings are just right for that kind of thing. It’s a perfect place to just come and have a seat and do whatever.

Starbucks, I love you!