I saw a woman today, breastfeeding her little daughter on the subway. I felt a little bad for taking a picture of it, but it reminded me of the huge debate there was back in Denmark a while back, about women breastfeeding in public.

I understand and I agree, that we do not necessarily want to look at people kissing and making out in public, we do not appreciate having genitals shown everywhere in the public space. I totally agree. I don’t want to look at a couple having sex on a bench on the street or in a park, I’ve seen it before and it was not a pretty sight. I don’t mind couples kissing as long as they are not eating each others faces off on the street.

We don’t want to look at sex, but why the debate about breastfeeding. Next to sex it is one of the most natural things on the planet. Your baby is hungry, then feed him or her. You don’t have to advertise it, you can be discreet but never be afraid. As far as I am concerned breastfeeding is natural and there is nothing sexual about it. I actually thought this woman was very brave, and she did it without attracting attention to herself, in a country where everything regarding sex is considered somewhat of a taboo, even though everyone is doing it.

To all the mothers out there. If your little son or daughter is hungry, feed the people!