On the subway on my way home from work today, I confronted a young girl who was abusing her baby girl. Pushing her, hitting her and squeezing her so tight that she could hardly breathe. All the while this is happening everyone in the car is just sitting there, looking at them, no one saying or doing anything while this abuse is going on.

I resisted the urge to take a picture, as I have heard stories about people freaking out when they are photographed because they know they will end up on the social medias and they will absolutely freak. I doubt that the girl could do any serious damage but I didn’t want to cause a scene.

15 minutes pass, the baby is not crying, she is screaming in pain and exhaustion, tired from screaming the past 30 minutes maybe.

Finally, I had enough and I stood up went over there and told her off, calmly in English. Of course, she understands just about nothing but I am sure she saw me staring her down and I was pointing to her screaming baby as I was speaking.

After my first round, she simply fired back at me in Chinese, me understanding about as much as her when I was talking. She is clearly angry with me for calling her out, and as I finished my second round, the girl stood up, with her crying baby on her arm and she slapped me on the face, open palm to the cheek. It was loud, followed by pain that fortunately didn’t last for very long.

I was shocked and amazed. I think others in the car were as well. But finally they took affair and came to my defence. This was shortly before they got off the train only one station before I got off myself. So not much happened after that. She was told off, she stopped hurting her baby who miraculously had fallen asleep.

I got off the train and I went home. Next time I see this. Outside, at home, anywhere, I will intervene. Doesn’t matter if the Chinese think it is illegal or not, treating a baby that way is wrong. I proved my point and my prize was a slap in the face, literally. But the abuse stopped, at least for now.

It bothers me, to live in a country where people are more than happy to stare but no one dares to take action.