Are you afraid of offending muslims?

I am. And you should be, too. I’m afraid of offending anyone, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion. I do not believe it is in my place to judge anyone else, especially if I do not know them. But there is a narrow-mindedness and low tolerance problem in the world today, that causes us to judge entire religions based on the actions of a few extremists.I saw this photo on Facebook yesterday, I won’t say where I saw or who posted it, but the picture and the supporting comments made me furious inside. This is exactly the kind of thinking that pulls everyone further apart from each other.


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How did we go from this to being afraid of offending Muslims. Seriously? You want to blame every Muslim on the planet for what happened here? Was this the work of the whole Muslim world rather than the actions of a few extremists grouped together?

All terrorists are bad, but they are not all Muslim. Believe it or not, there are terrorists in almost every country, in some form of another. I am from Denmark and there have been reports of Danish people traveling to the Middle East to fight for ISIS. Does that mean that every danish person is bad?

There are plenty of Christian extremists in the world as well who have done terrible things. I am a Christian as well I guess then, that makes me double evil. Be afraid of me, or else!

The day we start treating entire countries or religions based on the bad actions of a few people associated with it, that is truly the day we lose our humanity, and our compassion. Some of the friendliest people I have ever met are Muslims and they would never hurt anyone. They would rather die than hurt anyone else and while I may not always agree with their viewpoints, it only inspires interesting conversations. I’ve read a few pages of the Islamic Holy Book and believe it or not, the pictures are beautiful and it’s poetry is moving. And anyone could read the Christian bible and find a passage that would inspire you to go out and do horrible things.

‚ÄčIf someone is lying on the street asking for help, I don’t first ask them if they are Muslim, because then I don’t want to help. Open your mind, because a Muslim person would probably be the first one to help you if you ever needed it. I have seen and experienced this myself. So yeah, I am afraid to offend Muslims, just as much as I am afraid to offend you.