Spring and summer is always an easy time to work in China. With numerous national festivals and holidays, there is never too long a stretch between an extra couple of days off.

This time around it is the international labor day, May 1st that gives us a couple of days rest and it was only a few weeks ago we got a whole week off due to the Chinese Tomb Sweeping day. I was even more fortunate, because the school is giving is Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, but since I do not have any classes on Tuesday I have that day off as well. 4 days altogether.

I do not have any plans for this holiday though. I recently sent a lot of money home and have no budget for traveling, also I have a couple of projects that I am working on that I can spend these 4 days looking at.  So, it is going to be a nice couple of days off, hanging out with my girl, Shina, my two best friends, Paul and Vince and if I am lucky I will go looking for a new apartment on Monday that I can move into once I settle for a new job hopefully from September.