Month: May 2016

Taking the Cambridge TKT Examination

A couple of weeks ago, I spent my whole day off on a Monday staring into my kindle, reading the books for taking the Cambridge TKT tests Module 1, 2, 3 and CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning). The test is a basic examination for teachers and the level of the certification is not very high, but because I never formally studied teaching, I was actually a little worried that I might not do well. I came to China almost 6 years ago now, and the only formal training I had for teaching was the TEFL Certificate I took...

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China’s leftover women aren’t leftovers

In China, marriage and children are essential parts of having a family and being happy. This is deeply rooted in their culture and if you have ever studied the Chinese language, you’ll notice evidence of this very thing. Look at the Chinese word for “good” which is 好 (hao). This character is a composite of two separate characters put together into one. The left half is the character for a woman (女) and the right hand side is the character for a child (子) or (孩子). So literally, a woman with a child (a woman who is married and...

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