Month: February 2016

30 – Welcome to A New Decade

My best friend is turning 30 today. Happy Birthday Paul! Turning 30, for some, I think can be a little scary. Depending on the country that you’re in, you might face certain pressures from family, friends, career and just, life in general. In Denmark, turning 25 and 30 without being marries are both marked in a way that can present you in a slightly less positive way. 25 Isn’t so bad, because most are fresh out of college and still struggling to get a career going, but turning 30 and not being married almost brands you as “unwanted”. The...

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The Year Begins Anew

I wrote in an earlier post on my blog about how living in China for the past 5½ years has made me more aware of the Chinese holidays than the ones I used to celebrate back in Denmark. Because my holidays are now aligned with the Chinese festivals, I usually do not have any days off for Christmas, Easter or any of the western traditional holidays and as such, they start to lose their meaning. Not just because I don’t get to stay at home and do nothing, but because you also do not see or experience the holidays...

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The City of Chongqing

On the last day of the lunar year of the Sheep, this was February 7th 2016, I looked out of my window from my bed, and Chongqing had a very nice and clear blue sky. Now, this is nothing like the clear blue skies I would usually encounter when going back to Denmark or even when I went to Sanya in Southern China last summer, but it was still pretty nice and I thought it was very fitting for the last day of the lunar year, to be sent off in this manner. So I decided not to spend...

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