Month: May 2015


I saw a woman today, breastfeeding her little daughter on the subway. I felt a little bad for taking a picture of it, but it reminded me of the huge debate there was back in Denmark a while back, about women breastfeeding in public. I understand and I agree, that we do not necessarily want to look at people kissing and making out in public, we do not appreciate having genitals shown everywhere in the public space. I totally agree. I don’t want to look at a couple having sex on a bench on the street or in a...

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A Photo of Firsts

When I started taking pictures back in 2009, it was never with a vision to become a professional photographer or even move beyond photography as being a hobby. I had spent several years trying to find something that I could get good at, and since I wasn’t strong at playing sports and computer games do not really count as a hobby (according to my parents 😉 ) I finally felt something new when I picked up a camera and played with it. In the beginning, I was using my fathers old Kodak Digital Camera. It was 3 Megapixels of...

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A little holiday

Spring and summer is always an easy time to work in China. With numerous national festivals and holidays, there is never too long a stretch between an extra couple of days off. This time around it is the international labor day, May 1st that gives us a couple of days rest and it was only a few weeks ago we got a whole week off due to the Chinese Tomb Sweeping day. I was even more fortunate, because the school is giving is Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, but since I do not have any classes on Tuesday I...

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