Month: April 2015

Changsha’s Crazy Kindergarten Army

Since I started writing articles more regularly on websites other than my own (yeah, I haven’t been writing here as often as I would like), I have started to look through my photo library to find pictures that I can use in my articles. While doing so, the other day I came across some photos that I took from a Kindergarten sports day in Changsha back in 2010. I was invited to go there with the head of the teaching office I was attached to at my school, I taught her daughter every friday afternoon and she wanted to...

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A Rare Panda

When you live in a foreign country, you are bound to get some extra attention. Sometimes this attention is positive, fun and interesting, sometimes this attention is disturbing, hurtful and without any kind of merit. I am from Denmark originally, and while I’d be able to travel around most of Europe without getting much attention at all, here in China, I look very different from most people and that means they sometimes look and interact with you in certain different ways. One of a kind, A rare Panda China is famous for their Pandas and people travel from all over the world to China to...

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