Month: January 2015

Good Judgement

Life isnt always easy, and more often than not you are going to face some kind of a choice. Sometimes the choices are easy, “do I eat the chocolate or strawberry flavoured ice cream?”, sometimes the choices are hard “do I accept the low with lower pay but higher satisfaction or the well paid job, that might rob me of my life joys?”. I watched a movie with the actor Jason Statham called, I believe, The Mechanic, and somewhere in the movie, he says this: Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement. Now, when I first...

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An Old Man Filled With Regret

I think over the past few months, I have started to really pay attention to quotes, and things that I hear people say in movies or during conversations. I realize that some of the quotes are sometimes taken out of context, but some can stand for themselves. I recently watched Inception again, and there is a quote from the movie, that really gets to me. A quote that, especially now after a breakup, I can relate to. In the first quarter or so of the movie, you see the character Saito, sitting in a helicopter talking to the main...

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