Month: October 2014

On a positive note

As I was taking the subway home from work today, I saw something that restored a little of my faith in Chinese parenting. I have long held a grudge toward Chinese parents after seeing a mother almost strangle her daughter, just in an attempt to make her stop crying on the subway once before. I stood up and confronted her, and my reward was a slap in the face. You can read more about that incident here. What I saw today, restored a little of my faith in Chinese parenting. It is only a few days ago a saw a video online, of a Chinese grandmother abusing her daughter, supposedly because she accidentally peed in her pants. These things happen with young children, and it’s really nothing to get upset or abusive about. But even though child abuse is illegal in China, you will be hard pressed to find someone who would ever stand up to the abuse and even the police will often say, that there is nothing they can (read will) do. Having been raised in a family myself where I was never abused in any way, physical or mental, I find it hard to believe that someone would ever do that to their child. You are supposed to love them, with all of your heart, and that goes for grandchildren, too. Today, I saw a young...

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Technology as a means to creative teaching in China

How do I engage my students in my class? Why are they not responding to my methods? Why do they seem to be so bored that they cannot be bothered to answer my questions? Why are they not paying attention to me when I speak or explain? Teachers, young, old, green and experienced sometimes find themselves in situations where they ask themselves these questions. They are inevitable in the world of teaching, even for the most experienced of teachers or lecturers and they are not necessarily a sign that a teacher is doing something horribly wrong, sometimes students can...

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I have wanted to get into using the recording feature of my 70D more, and the other day I took a shot at just recording people on the street. I was inspired by a timelapse I saw, recorded in Hongkong but I cannot find it now. It had people recorded in super-slow-motion but since I can only record in 50fps, there is only so much that I can do to slow down my footage. However, I did see this one girl, who looked straight at the camera and smiled, so I saved that. It is not perfectly in...

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Using Social Media for Teaching English

Using Social Media for Teaching English is something that I have had on my mind for some time. Unfortunately, as I am only teaching younger students, there is no way for me to effectively test any of the stuff that I hear. Additionally, living and working in China where half the internet is blocked, does not make it any easier. I am using a VPN service myself, but I cannot ask all of my students to pay for a service like this, just because I want to use social media to connect with them. But hey, there is one...

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Chinese girls aren’t cheap.

… you are just sleeping with all the bad apples. If you search on the Internet for almost anything related to Chinese girls and relationships or sex, you’re bound to come across some self-proclaimed expert, like the one above, typically a westerner, who will tell you that Chinese girls are cheap and that they will sleep with you just for being a foreigner. They will even go on to tell you how many Chinese girls they hook up with each week and they’ll share what you need to know or say to be able to bang your way across...

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